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Books Suggested by participants

Updated June 11, 2001
Note: I moved this list to its own page on June 11, 2001, but I haven't updated it in a while. People have suggested many books, and I plan to update this list someday.

Books Suggested by Participants (partial listing)
World Orders, Old and New Noam Chomsky 1994 311
Einstein's Dreams Alan Lightman 1993 179
The Power of Pi      
Lady Oracle Margaret Attwood 1976 368
The Plague Albert Camus 1948,
Ten Stupid Things Men do to Mess Up Their Lives Dr. Laura Schlessinger 1997 300
Life 101: Everything we wish we had learned about life in school, but didn't Peter McWilliams 1990,
Conversations with God: an Uncommon Dialog, Vol.1 Neale Donald Walsch 1995 211
(title not known) Spider Robinson    
Loveshock : How to Recover from a Broken Heart and Love Again (A good book about recovering from the breakup of a relationship - Eric) Connie Church,
Stephen Gullo
1988 189
Nothing Special: Living Zen Charlotte Joko Beck   288
A Different Kind of Christmas (historical fiction) Alex Haley 1988 102
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs Ellis Peters 1963 198
Mama Makes up her Mind (and other stories of southern living) Bailey White 1993 229
It's About Time: The six styles of procrastination, and how to overcome them (We keep saying we are going to read this one someday - Eric) Linda Saradin,
Hack Maguire
1996 258
God Knows Joseph Heller 1984 353
The Three Gospels Reynolds Price 1996 288
Looking Backward: 2000-1887 Edward Bellamy 1888 351
The Zone: a dietary road map Dr. Barry Sears,
Bill Lawren
1995 286
What Do You Care What Other People Think Richard Feynman 1988 255
Forrest Gump Winston Groom 1986 248
The Postman David Brin 1985 294
Sundiver David Brin 1980 340
Travels With Charlie: In search of America John Steinbeck 1962 297
The Devouring Fungus (Tales of the Computer Age) (Very humorous and interesting look at the people who pioneered computers - Eric) (not listed at Fairfax library) Karla Jennings 1990 225
The Hot Zone Richard Preston 1994 300
What Color Is Your Parachute?: A practical manual for job-hunters & career-changers. Richard N. Bolles Annual 400
The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan 1989 288
Earthly Possessions Anne Tyler 1977 222
Second Nature Alice Hoffman 1995 254
A Gathering of Saints: A true story of Money, Murder and Deceit Robert Lindsey 1988 397

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