Critical Mass Newsletter

News and events for UU's and Friends 18-35

February, March, April 1997

Newcomers welcome at all events


It is a good idea to call the host of an event to verify the meeting place and time. It also gives the host a better idea of how many people will show up.
If you need a ride to an event, please call the event host in advance to see if he/she can find someone in your area who is driving.

ON-GOING (Arlington)

OUT TO LUNCH -- A bunch of us at the Arlington church informally gather in the Fellowship Hall following the second Sunday Service and go out to eat -- please join us!

ON-GOING (Arlington)

UUCA-YAG has a semi-regular ongoing DISCUSSION GROUP that meets on alternate Tuesdays. For exact dates and topics, Call Mark Guttag (703)549-5960.


Fri, Jan 31 (Arlington)

20th Anniversary showing of "STARS WARS" at the Uptown Theater. Mark Guttag, (703)549-5960, will order the tickets so please RSVP.


Sat, Feb 1 (Arlington)

ICE SKATING ON THE MALL. Call James Chang (703)671-7739.

Mon, Feb 3, 7pm (Reston)

WRITER'S SUPPORT GROUP. This group is for any type of writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children's, etc.). If you like, please bring copies of your work to pass around. This will be the first meeting. We plan to meet monthly. Newcomers are always welcome.
Heidi Foster will be hosting the gathering at Eric Carlson's place in Reston. Call Heidi/Eric (703) 834-0356 or

Fri, Feb 7 (Arlington)

WINE TASTING and wine appreciation lessons. Must RSVP so the wine can be bought. Cost TBD. Call Emma Davis (703)924-9077 or Rebecca McNeil (703)892-7793.

Sat eve., Feb 8 (Arlington)

FAREWELL PARTY for MELISSA REA at Geoff Chisolm's house in Arlington. This will be a pot-luck party with an African theme, so think up some African dishes.
Come help us say good-bye to Melissa as she leaves for her six months in the wilds of Africa. Call Eddie Powers (703)379-2745 or Geoff Chisholm (703)527-1425.

Fri-Mon, Feb 14-17 (CritMass)

4th annual SKI TRIP at Deep Creek Lake, MD. See registration form. We've almost filled 3 houses!!!
If we get enough registrations we may rent a 4th house -- but we can't promise it. Sign up now if you want to go. Call Peter Dahlstrom (703)620-0055 or

Wed eve., Feb 19 (Arlington)

VOLUNTEER at SULLIVAN HOUSE. Help look after kids while their parents attend class at Sullivan House for a few hours -- come let your inner child out to play!! -- Third Wednesday of every month -- We need 6 to 8 people each month to volunteer.
We usually meet before going to Sullivan House at a near-by restaurant or bar between 6-6:45pm then make the short walk to Sullivan house. Call Matt Connors (703)522-4236.

Sat, Feb 22 TENTATIVE (Arlington)

COMEDY SPORTS on Route 1, Alexandria. Call Eddie Powers (703)379-2745.

Sun, Feb 23, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/POT LUCK. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, 1986, p.311. Call Dave Tripp (703)834-3151 or


Sat, Mar 1 (Arlington)

DANCE at UUCA sponsored by UUCA dancers (a FUN time !!) Call UUCA Church Office or Linda Acorn (703)527-6808.

Mon, Mar 3, 7:30pm (CritMass)

ALL IS TRUE: a new adaptation of Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More by Greg Doran at the Shakespeare theater [box office (202)-393-2700]. Free, but reservations are required. Call Al Colvill (703)690-6823.

Sat, Mar 8 or 15 (Arlington)

ST. PATTIES AND/OR IRISH PARTY. Call Ginger Withee (703)527-4422.

Sun, Mar 9, 6pm (CritMass)

Group Discussion/Pot Luck "Rationalization as a human need." Call Dave Cohen (703)256-4130, or

Mon, Mar 10, 7pm (Reston)

(see Feb 3)

Sun, Mar 16, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/POT LUCK. Adult Children...The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families by John & Linda Friel, 1988, p.193. Call Eric Carlson (703)834-0356 or

Sat, Mar 22 (Arlington)

Hike at Antietam Battlefield. Call Jason Ford (703)276-8127.

Fri-Sun, Mar 28-30 (Richmond)

SPECTRUUM Young Adult Conference hosted by the Richmond Young Adult group. Call Mark Wilde (804) 261-7924 or Sandy Macon (540) 872-2555.
[ed. note: This is always one of my favorite conferences.]

Fri or Sat, Mar 28 or 29 (Arlington)

Glen Echo Park for either CONTRA OR SWING DANCING (depends on which night we go). Call James Chang (703)671-7739.


Sometime in April (Arlington)

IN-LINE SKATING AND LESSONS. Call Denise Raybon (703)204-9194.

Mon, April 7, 7pm (Reston)

(see Feb 3)

Sun, April 20, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/POT LUCK. The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams, 1996, p.336. Call Al Colvill (703)690-6823.

Late-April (Arlington)

UUCA YAG spring HIKE AT SHANANDOAH PARK. Call Emma Davis (703)924-9077 or Wahid Hermina (703)522-2574.


Early May (CritMass)

PLANNING MEETING for the JPD Young Adult Spring Retreat. Call (after April 27) Karl (301)891-1667 or

Sometime in May (Arlington)

CANOE TRIP. Call Greg McFarland (703)671-2717.

Mon, May 5, 7pm (Reston)

(see Feb 3)

Fri-Sun, May 16-18 (JPD/CritMass)

JPD Young Adult SPRING RETREAT. Look for the registration form in the next issue of Critical Mass. Karl Zielinski (301) 891-1667 or, or Peter Dahlstrom (703)620-0055 or


Karl will be appearing in a play called "Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard, at the Greenbelt Arts Center, from February 21'st until March 15'th.
Performances are 8pm Fri & Sat Feb 21, 22, 28, Mar 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, and 2pm Sun Mar 2, 9. Tickets are $8 ($6 for students). For directions and information, call Karl Zielinski (301) 891-1667 or


Announcing the formation of a songwriters/music appreciation group...come out once a month and share your musical ideas and directions with other UU Young Adult musicians and music enthusiasts...all are welcome, talent not required...just a love of music.
Ideas for the group include group songwriting/recording as well as organized outings to live musical performances of local/national talent. Interested??? If so then call Michael Garofalo, (410)799-0124 or, for more information. Come join in the fun!!!


Now that we are into the new year, it's time to start thinking about our summer vacation plans. The only place to be the week of August 3rd will be UUMAC.
UUMAC is an intergenerational conference at Allentown College in Pennsylvania. The theme this year is "Theological Diversity: Doing the Puzzle in Pencil."
We will have activities that focus on the needs of Young Adults (18-35), and we will participate in workshops and activities involving everyone in the community.
If you have any questions about this conference call Erin Eichelberger (703)385-7282, UUMAC Young Adult Coordinator. Look for more information later this year.


Are you in college now? Did you have spiritual guidance while you were in college? JPD has formed a Campus Ministry Pilot Committee of which I am a member.
Thanks to the Giving to Grow program and other fund raising programs, money has been raised to create a pilot program for campus ministry at some local colleges. We are still in the planning stages.
If you have any interest, ideas, or are willing to support in any way (money, knowledge, contacts, etc.) the forming UU groups on college campuses, call Erin Eichelberger (703)385-7282.


The Young Adult Ministries Office is trying to create a database on UU alumni. On the back of this page is a flyer for you to fill out and mail back to the specified address. Please feel free to photocopy the form for yourself and to share with others.

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing in response to the issue of lowering the young adult age limit at UU conferences.
[ed. note: this refers to SUSSI & SWIM intergenerational conferences.]
I was thirty years old when I first entered a Unitarian Universalist church. In the time since April 1990, it has been primarily young adult activities (ages 18-35), that have kept my interest in coming to church. If the age range was 18-25 then, as some conferences have now or are considering changing to, I would have been excluded and quite possibly would have left the denomination. I would have missed out on OPUS (went three times), the JPD conferences, SPECTRUUM, and other YAN events.
This process of exclusion of the upper portion of the current young adult population is, in short, a mistake. I made many friends at these conferences, with people who are now beyond thirty years of age, who, I am sure, feel as I do, in so far that the age bracket should remain intact. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Karl J. Zielinski


If you have any pictures or flyers from your events (ancient, past, recent), please send me copies so I can include them in our scrapbooks. Call Erin Eichelberger (703)385-7282.


"Emissary" is really an overblown title, meaning general point of contact. If you have any questions about YA activity in the area, contact the Critical Mass Emissary, Peter Dahlstrom (see group listing).


If you have any questions, suggestions, addresses, or events, contact the editor, Eric Carlson (see group listing)
Also, my e-mail address has changed to


All you have to do to get your events listed is give the editor (Eric) write-ups of them. Please include time, cost, and contact information.
If you would like to be notified when we are collecting events for the next Critical Mass, please contact the Emissary (Peter).


It costs over $150 to print and mail this newsletter. To make a donation, please make a check out to GWA-UUYAN and send it to the editor. Donations are appreciated, but not required.