Critical Mass/JPD Spring & Fall retreats

Critical Mass & Joseph Priestley District
UU Young Adult Fall Retreat

October 2001 (we hope)
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Pictures from
Spring 1996 retreat at Camp Tockwogh

Spring 96 bonfire picture

Spring 1996 retreat picture

Roger LaMarche - Jennifer Carroll - Al Colvill - Peter Dahlstrom
Karl Zielinski - Alev Volkan - Ken Stroh - Dave Cohen
Dave Roelant - Betty Ludwig - Tony Fontaine - Dave Tripp
Ghislaine Roelant - Erin Eichelberger
Dave Marks - Eric Carlson - Heidi Foster - Lynette Fullerton - Carrie Tucker
Not Pictured: Rus Funk - Lyle Hayes

Fall 1995 Retreat at Camp Tockwogh

Fall 1995 retreat picture

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