Critical Mass DC area Newsletter

Events for UU's and Friends 18-35

Sept, Oct, Nov 1996 and more

Newcomers welcome at all events




It is a good idea to call the host of an event to verify the meeting place and time. It also gives the host a better idea of how many people will show up.

If you need a ride to an event, please call the event host in advance to see if he/she can find someone in your area who is driving.


Sat, Sept 28 (Arlington)

Canoeing at Lake Accotink. Contact Melissa Rea (703) 671-0695.

Sat, Sept 28, 10 am (River Road)

GREAT FALLS EXPLORATION! Explore off the beaten path. Wear decent shoes. We will hike no matter what the weather, so dress appropriately. Extra welcoming to newcomers. Meet at the RIVER ROAD church at 10 (note new day & time), we'll car pool to the falls. Call first so we'll wait for you, Peter Dahlstrom (703) 620-0055.

Sun, Sept 29, 10am/noon (Reston)

MARYLAND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. Meet at the Reston Church at 10am, or outside the front entrance of the festival at 12pm. Cost is about $13 + food. Call Heidi Foster (410)354-0560, or Eric Carlson (703)834-0356.

Sun, Sept 29, noon-6pm (Rockville)

IRISH FALL FESTIVAL FREE (donations) Glen Echo. Call Galen Wilkerson (301) 294-5837.


Fri, Oct 4 (Arlington)

UUCA Theater 2000 presents Church Event "The Life and Death of Sneaky Fitch" (featuring several young adults!) Call Arlington group contacts.

Sat, Oct 5 (Arlington)

SWING DANCING at Glen Echo. Contact James Chang (703) 671-7739.

Sun, Oct 6, 12:30pm (Arl. & Reston)

AIDS WALK. If you're interested in joining other UU's to walk or in financially supporting the walkers, please contact Erin Eichelberger (703) 385-7282 (Reston) or Denise Raybon (703) 204-9194 or Andrea Beard (703) 578-1871 (Arlington).

Thurs, Oct 10 (Arlington)

COUNTRY DANCING at GW's of Old Town. Contact Denise Raybon (703) 204-9194.

Sat, Oct 12 (Arlington)

HIKE in the Catoctins, MD. Call Diane McConkey (703) 243-9585 or Andrea Beard (703) 578-1871.

Sun, Oct 13, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/ POT LUCK. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, 1995, p.317. Call Al Colvill (703) 690-6923.

Tues, Oct 15 (CM)

CHRISTMAS REVELS ticket request deadline.

(See December event listing)

Sat or Sun, Oct 19 or 20 (TBD)

Bike Ride Along C&O to Glen Echo, BBQ after at Geoff's. Call Geoff Chisholm (703) 527-1425.

Fri-Sun, Oct 25-27

FALL RETREAT at camp Tockwogh on the Chesapeake bay in Maryland.
See flyer (or web page) for details, or call Peter Dahlstrom (703) 620-0055.

Fri, Oct 25 (Arlington)

Contra Dancing at Glen Echo. Call James Chang (703) 671-7739.

Sat, Oct 26 (Arlington)

Volunteer Community Service (a.m.-noon). Call Melissa Rea (703) 671-0695.

Sat, Oct 26 (eve.) (Arlington)

UUCA Annual Services Auction. Church Event. Call Arlington group contacts.

Sun, Oct 27 (Arlington)

PUMPKIN PICKING, then Carving at Peter's. Call Peter Harms (703) 525-2430.


Nov, (date TBA) (Arlington)

Second Annual UUCA Young Adults Football Game. Call John Robinette (705) 524-2282.

Fri, Nov 1 (Arlington)

HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY. Call Alev Volkan (703) 807-0674.

Sat, Nov 2, 7pm (CM)

An all-call for Critical Mass memorabilia.

As the new archivist I am in charge of keeping memorabilia of CM events. If you have pictures, negatives, newsletters, flyers, or other items you'd like to share, come to my house. Bring a snack to share while we go over all the stuff. Call Erin Eichelberger (703) 385-7282.

Mon, Nov 4, 7:30pm (Reston)

STARGAZING EXPEDITION. Come out to see the winter constellations! Meet at the Reston church at 7:30 p.m. and we'll head out from there.

If it rains, we'll try again the following Monday, Nov. 11. Call Laura Bridgewater (703) 620-0055.

Wed, Nov 13, 7pm (River Road)

NON-FLUFF MOVIE NIGHT at the River Road church.

City of Joy, which is about a burnt-out physician who ends up in Calcutta, Romero, about the assassinated Salvadoran priest, or The Burning Season, about Chico Mendes, a peasant who organized a resistance to the clear-cutting of the Brazilian rainforest.

Call Peter Dahlstrom (703) 620-0055, especially if you have a movie preference.

Sun, Nov 24, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/ POT LUCK Fit for Life (also: Fit for Life II: Living Health), by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond (Warner Books).

Please plan to bring some healthy food. I have an oven and microwave available for heating food. There are plenty of recipes in the book. Call Eric Carlson (703) 834-0356.


One evening in the first 2 weekends of December (TBD) (CM)

The CHRISTMAS REVELS are "a celebration of the winter solstice with traditional & ritual dances, carols, processionals, poetry & drama." It's an excellent show and a lot of fun. For more information or to have tickets reserved, call Peter Dahlstrom, (703) 620-0055. Call before October 15.

Sun, Dec 22, 6pm (Fairfax)

Monthly BOOK DISCUSSION/ POT LUCK. Call Eric Carlson (703) 834-0356.

Thurs-Wed, Dec 26-Jan 1

SWIM conference in Miami Florida. The "South East Winter Institute" is an intergenerational UU conference. 150 people - lots of events and outings - call Ken Stroh (410) 426-5235.


Mon, Jan 6 (Reston)

TWELFTH NIGHT PARTY. Advance notice -- come join us to celebrate lesser known Christmas customs, such as eating Twelfth Night cake (which may foretell your fortune in the coming year). Bring leftover holiday food and unwanted presents for a White Elephant gift exchange. Call Laura Bridgewater or Peter Dahlstrom at (703) 620-0055 after Thanksgiving if you plan to attend.


Fri-Mon, Feb 14-17 (CM)

This is early notice for the fourth annual SKI TRIP! Get away for President's Day (and Valentine's Day) weekend with 20 other UU YAs. Cross-country and downhill. A regular sign up sheet will be included in the next CM.

Call if you want more information, or if you already know you are interested and want to reserve a space. Peter Dahlstrom (703) 620-0055, (The more early notice reservations we get, the better our headcount estimate will be).


by Heidi Foster

Forests and such have always fascinated me,
Dark and brooding,
With trails that twist and turn,
Promising answers,
Offering shelter in a cool, quiet way.
So it's no surprise
Sunday morning found me
Walking in your woods.
And I will admit
Your grandeur did impress me,
But did not amaze me.
I am city born and buildings are taller than you.
It's your little secret treasures
That I remember most.
A decaying leaf turned over
Reveals a tiny mushroom,
Prospering without the sun.
An opening in the trees
And flowers bloom,
Some things need the sun to survive.
A black and yellow spider
Weaves and rules his own kingdom,
Temporary though it may be.
For all of the beauty,
There is a darkness too.
The prettiest mushrooms are often the deadliest.
When I exit the woods
I find myself relieved.
Your beauty is compelling
But I am man made
And a stranger to your heart.

This poem was inspired by our
September 15th hike of the Occoquan.


Anyone interested in helping organize college related UU events and/or help start UU Campus ministries, call Erin Eichelberger (703) 385-7282 or Peter Dahlstrom (703) 620-0055.


For pictures, updates, and other Young Adult and UU information, check out the Critical Mass Web Page:


All you have to do to get your events listed is give the editor (Eric) write-ups of them. Using the standard formats and including all necessary information is appreciated.

If you would like to be notified when events for the next Critical Mass are being collected, please contact the Emissary (Peter).


Check the back of your newsletter for a note indicating that you are not listed as current in our database. If you are one of the 140 people who we haven't heard from this year, and you want to continue to receive the newsletter. Please contact the editor NOW.

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Erin Eichelberger has volunteered to be our Archivist! If you have any objects that should go into our Critical Mass archive, please contact her at (703) 385-7282.

(See November 2nd event.)


"Emissary" is really an overblown title, meaning general point of contact. If you have any questions about YA activity in the area, contact the Critical Mass Emissary, Peter Dahlstrom (see group listing).

(ed. note: Peter also writes and helps edit a lot of this newsletter)


If you have any questions, suggestions, addresses, or events, contact the editor, Eric Carlson (see group listing).


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